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Milser Stadl: Where life is celebrated

The Milser Stadl has a capacity of up to 400 people and is the perfect place for celebrating and enjoying life. Celebrations are sometimes unsuccessful because the venue is not suitable or too small. The Milser Stadl is the ideal place for successful events of all kinds whether celebrations and balls, weddings and concerts, product presentations and marketing events or theatre and cabaret evenings.

Celebrate your special moments in the Milser Stadl and enjoy unforgettable events in an inviting atmosphere!

Marendkeller: Traditional Tyrolean Marend

In the Marendkeller we celebrate Tyrolean tradition of the Marend – a hearty snack which embodies Tyrolean lifestyle.  Like the Italians celebrate marenda and the Spanish merienda, Tyroleans look forward to “a guate Marend”. This traditional afternoon snack is a fixed part of our culture and includes bread, Tyrolean ham and Alpine cheese.

Discover the cosiness of our Marendkeller and enjoy our authentic Tyrolean Marend in its most unspoilt form.

Stone rack with wine in the Marendkeller

Reindlessen: Tyrolean tradition in the Marendkeller

The Reindlessen is a hearty Tyrolean speciality of either roast pork or lamb, ribs, Gröstl, or spätzle with cheese served in the pan which promises a true culinary delight. The Marendkeller is the perfect setting for it! Regardless of whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday, Christmas party or company celebration, almost anything is possible here as in this rustic cellar you can enjoy the atmosphere and taste of Tyrol to the fullest.

Browse our menu suggestions for a Reindlessen. If you have any queries please contact us on or use our handy enquiry form.

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Tyrolean Gröstl with bacon